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Chapter 480 You Are the Most Important

  • After Yan finished calling for an ambulance, she turned her head and saw Lin Qingqing still standing there. Then, she suddenly thought of something and quickly called the police to tell them that someone here deliberately used sulfuric acid to hurt people.
  • After hanging up the phone, Yan glared at Lin Qingqing bitterly. "You vicious woman! Using hurtful words is one thing, but carrying out the action is another. I can't believe that you actually prepared sulfuric acid beforehand. Your heart and blood must be pitch black!"
  • Lin Qingqing was trapped in the visual image of her hurting Ye Moxuan, so she didn't react for a long time.
  • "I have already called the police. When they arrive, you’d better confess to them!"
  • "Police..." Lin Qingqing slowly recovered to her senses. "No, you can't call the police! I can't go to the police station! No!" She was the Young Lady of the Lin family, and her reputation had been stellar. If she entered the police station, her future would be ruined.
  • Thinking of this, Lin Qingqing got up abruptly and stumbled outside. When Yan saw that she was about to run away, she went up to grab her. "Where are you going? Do you think you can run away just like this?"
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