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Chapter 1656 The Lady of Our House

  • “Why did you close your eyes just because you were told to? If a kidnapper told you to follow him, will you follow after him blindly?”
  • A teasing voice sounded right in front of Tang Yuanyuan, surprising her. She subconsciously wanted to open her eyes, then she heard Yuchi Yishu continue, “Don’t move, and don’t open your eyes either.”
  • She made a small motion, pursing her rosy lips. Then, she hesitatingly asked, “Yishu, what on earth are you doing?”
  • At this moment, they were up in the sky. Thus, when she closed her eyes, it gave her a sense of weightlessness, which made her slightly nervous. Unfortunately, he remained silent despite her question. The ambient noise was chaotic—it was a mix of all the sounds of the amusement park. Thus, she could not hear the sound of his breathing.
  • All of a sudden, she felt a hot breath brushing against her. She was startled, then she remembered what Yishu said to her just now: ‘Do you want to know what will happen if you close your eyes when we reach the peak of the Ferris wheel?’
  • Don’t tell me… Her hand tightened around her phone; she felt so nervous that her heart rate began to increase. Then, she felt a sudden coolness against her neck. She subconsciously opened her eyes—just in time to see him pulling back his hands. Moreover, there was a necklace around her neck that wasn’t there before, lying against her collarbone. Due to its short length, she couldn’t see what the necklace looked like even when she lowered her head to look, forgetting for a moment that she was holding her phone.
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