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Chapter 429 It’s a Small World

  • Leng Yueyue’s face lightened up when she heard that. “You still remember me?”
  • Little Bean nodded.
  • Leng Yueyue was elated, thereupon she quickly reached into her bag and searched around. She found a lollipop and gave it to Little Bean.
  • After he hesitated for a moment, Little Bean reached out to take the lollipop and nodded at Leng Yueyue. "Thank you, pretty missus."
  • “You are well-mannered! So polite,” Leng Yueyue mumbled. She raised her kid so well, I guess… I’ve misunderstood Muzi. But, this kid… Who’s the father?
  • “Why are you in the office at this hour? Isn’t it almost time to get off?”
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