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Chapter 72 We Can Make a Bet if You Don’t Believe Me

  • “Qi, what… do you mean by this?” The smile on Han Xueyou’s face froze in that instant. “I don’t mean anything else by that. Are you doubting me?”
  • “It’s not like that!” Shen Qi shook her head. “How could I ever doubt you?”
  • She was only worried that Han Xueyou was getting too close to Ye Moxuan. By then, the latter might do something to her. After all, she felt that Ye Moxuan wasn’t joking when he said those words.
  • Moreover, the rumors outside weren’t necessarily true.
  • He might have a disability, but the fact that he was impotent… might not be true.
  • After all, the thing that she felt with her hands this morning was real.
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