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Chapter 1508 Changing a Bad Habit

  • It’d be impossible if Mrs. Tang didn’t understand Han Muzi’s words.
  • Mrs. Tang gave a sigh of relief, yet still felt a little embarrassed. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to say these things. It’s just that this is always the case within this social circle. We’re aware that the Tang Group is no match for the Ye Group, so Mrs. Ye, please don’t take this personally.”
  • “Why would I?” Han Muzi held Tang Yuanyuan’s hand and pulled her into her arms. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Tang. I like Tang Yuanyuan very much, so much so that I won’t get any other ideas. Am I right, Yuanyuan?”
  • Tang Yuanyuan reached out her chubby little hands and hugged Han Muzi while she softly asked, “When will Little Bean come?”
  • “Oh? You’ve spent a day playing with Little Bean, and now you only have eyes for him? Do I not treat you well enough?” Han Muzi teased. Tang Yuanyuan looked at her innocently and said in a serious tone, “Mrs. Ye, you have treated me very well. You even cooked sweet glutinous rice balls for me.”
  • “Then why do you only look for Little Bean, and not me?”
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