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Chapter 915 Untactful

  • Looking at the little fellow before her who was dressed in a way that made him look chubby, Han Muzi could not resist the temptation to reach out her hand to pinch on his soft cheeks and console in a gentle voice, “Did I ignore you just now? Sorry, it happened so suddenly, and I was too startled that I ignored you. If you are angry with me, you can hit me to vent your anger, Little Bean.”
  • At first, Little Bean intended to pretend to be angry at most, but after hearing her words, he suddenly felt a lump in his throat. Hmph, bad mommy. She has been ignoring me for such a long time, so she should’ve just continued to do so. But now, she has stopped ignoring me, and she’s even saying plenty of things that make me feel touched. I don’t want to act like a baby in front of so many adults; I’m a man, so only Mommy can see my weak side.
  • Upon having such thoughts, Little Bean uttered, “Mommy, I’m not angry. I love you the most, and I won’t be angry with you.”
  • “Come on now.” Yan walked up to tug on Han Muzi. “We traveled abroad to come and find you. Little Bean is beyond happy to see you, so how could he be angry with you?”
  • As a mother, Han Muzi could feel something that others could not feel. She had ignored Little Bean just now, so the child would definitely feel hurt. A mother knew their child best, so though Little Bean said that he was not mad at her, Han Muzi could sense the upset feeling that he kept inside him. Nevertheless, if Little Bean refused to say anything, they would skip this matter for now. After this matter blew over, she would talk to him properly again.
  • “Alright. Then, I will go back first. You are a man, so you need to take care of your daddy together with Mr. Xiao. If you daddy wakes up, he—”
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