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Chapter 1411 I Will Help You Deal With Them

  • “Why? Was I wrong? You’ve been rejecting my offer to help your family, but you went running to him like a dog. What did you get in the end? Xu Yanwan, I’m a man myself, so I clearly understand his thoughts. If he weren’t interested in you since the start, he wouldn’t be interested in you in the future. Besides, he already has a girlfriend, and they're getting married soon.”
  • “Shut up.”
  • The rain was pouring, and Xu Yanwan didn’t like what she was hearing. Those words were like needles poking through her heart.
  • “Why are you asking me to shut up? I’m trying to make you realize what really is going on. I, He Lianjing, used to be a man surrounded by all sorts of women. However, since the day I met you, I’ve cut ties with all of them. Can you please think about all the things that I’ve done for you and stop thinking about the man who wouldn't even take another look at you?!”
  • Upon hearing his words, Xu Yanwan sneered.
  • “Stop trying to make yourself look like a good man. So what if you’ve already cut ties with those women? You still had a chaotic past, and everyone knew that you’re a playboy. Why should I believe that you’re now a good man? Let go of me and just get out of my sight.”
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