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Chapter 1640 Getting Along

  • At first, Tang Yuanyuan had planned to eat something simple at the cafeteria. So, she didn’t know what to eat now that Yishu was bringing her out for dinner. They were walking along the crowded street. At that moment, the sky was still bright, and the setting sun shone across half of the buildings and half the road.
  • The young lady’s hand was being held by the person she liked. As they crossed the zebra crossing and walked by the various shops along the road, her heart felt warmer than the sun shining down on them.
  • “What do you want to eat?” Yuchi Yishu’s voice was indifferent as he asked her this and his gaze landed on her face.
  • For some reason, she felt shy; her face blushed slightly. “Anything’s fine.”
  • “Anything’s fine? Then, what about this place behind you?”
  • She did not even bother to look at what restaurant was behind her as she nodded immediately in response. In her heart, she was sure that whatever she ate together with him would be delicious.
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