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Chapter 1223 Is She Trying to Snatch Someone’s Husband Away?

  • Lin Qin’er was glancing down and looking hurtful when she uttered those words. She knew that this look was her killer weapon, and no man could be spared, unless the man was a dork.
  • Lin Qin’er acted as if she was wronged, but Han Qing never looked at her. She saw a crew member at the corner of her eye, so she shot him a look and the crew took the hint.
  • He hurried toward her.
  • “Miss Lin, our theme is honeymoon, so each row is reserved for only a married couple. You and Mr. Han are not husband and wife, so you cannot sit together with him on the same row.”
  • The crew rambled on, but deep inside he was thinking, God knew what rule this is, it’s made up by me on the spot anyway.
  • After all, it was for his half-yearly bonus. For the sake of positive feedback, he would recite the four great masterpieces in Chinese literature, let alone making up a rule.
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