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Chapter 373 Going to the New Company

  • The next day.
  • Since Han Muzi was planning to head to the new company to have a look, she woke up early in the morning.
  • Han Qing had to go to work, and Little Bean wanted to tag along and visit the new company, so he woke up early in the morning. Shortly after he woke up, Han Muzi couldn’t fall asleep anymore, and so she got out of bed too.
  • After both mother and son were freshened up, Han Muzi walked Little Bean downstairs to have breakfast together. After that, Han Qing took Little Bean along.
  • Before they left, Han Qing advised Han Muzi, “It’s still early, so there’s still time for you to catch up with some sleep. Secretary Su will meet you later.”
  • Han Muzi stared wide-eyed at him when she heard that. “Do I have time to catch up with some sleep? Would Secretary Su arrive the moment I fall asleep?”
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