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Chapter 887 Ready to Pay the Price?

  • Han Muzi shook her head after thinking about it and whispered, “I’m not sure either. I’ll just go with the flow for now.”
  • Song An took a close look at her and finally stroked her hand, saying, "It must be hard for you, child."
  • The two of them were talking when they suddenly heard the sound of someone opening the door. Han Muzi’s ears moved as she looked over. “Moxuan has gotten off work already. Aunty, stay back and have lunch here with us this afternoon.”
  • After thinking for a moment, Song An nodded and accepted the offer. Han Muzi then left for the kitchen and suddenly thought of something upon entering the door. That night when Ye Moxuan was drugged, she had called out his real name while in a confused state. But judging from how Ye Moxuan had been acting these past few days, it did not seem like he knew.
  • When Ye Moxuan entered the house, he saw another person in the house—Han Muzi's aunt. After a pause, he nodded to Song An and greeted her. “Aunty Song, you’re here as well?”
  • Song An looked at him with a smile and nodded. “Just got off work?”
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