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Chapter 1204 Marry Me

  • Little Sprout has agreed?
  • Ye Moxuan would have been out of his mind to believe the nonsense George was spouting. He merely gave a cold snort before saying directly, “You are still not qualified enough to be her godfather. If you really want to be someone’s father, make a baby yourself.”
  • Upon hearing that, George immediately became upset.
  • “You just said that you owe me a favor. This is my only request.”
  • “Is that so?” Ye Moxuan looked calm, as if he was talking about something that was of no importance to him. “Since you said so, forget about the favor just now.”
  • With that, with a squealing Little Sprout in his arms, he turned around to leave immediately. Her laughter stopped before she appraised Ye Moxuan with a pair of curious and wide eyes.
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