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Chapter 395 I Have to Be at Peace With Myself

  • “Nothing,” answered Han Muzi. After being lost in her thoughts for a moment, she shook her head firmly before looking down at the folders on her desk.
  • This should not be happening.
  • I should have already been at peace with myself. Even if I bumped into him, I should have been able to treat him like a total stranger.
  • Han Muzi shut her eyes, but she soon realized her heart and mind were in a mess.
  • “Something must have happened!” Yan had been living with her for the past five years, so she knew Han Muzi well. Yan could immediately sense if something was bothering Han Muzi. Hence, she squinted at Han Muzi and bent slightly forward while approaching her. “Didn’t you say you were meeting Lin Qingqing? Why are you back so fast? Tell me; did Lin Qingqing bully you?”
  • Han Muzi looked up at Yan when she heard that, and she saw Yan’s fierce expression, as if she was gearing up for a fight.
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