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Chapter 424 There Is Nothing Between Us

  • Coincidentally, Han Muzi had the measuring tape around his waist when she heard his question. She paused momentarily. She cackled mirthlessly in her heart while tightening the measuring tape. Hate? What makes him think that I would hate him? Is he worth it?
  • “Mr. Ye, you must be joking. You are my client; how could I possibly hate you?” Han Muzi acted as though she was oblivious to what he meant, trying to dismiss him casually.
  • However, Ye Moxuan’s frown deepened. “Is that so?” His voice was calm as if he was void of emotions. “In that case, can you be slightly gentler?”
  • Han Muzi realized with a start that she was tightening her measuring tape excessively. The measuring tape was squeezing around his waist so tightly that his waist almost looked deformed.
  • “I’m so sorry!” she apologized in shock. She removed her hands abruptly, and a sheen of cold sweat appeared across her fair forehead. She then lowered her eyes and bit her lower lip in annoyance. Why am I so disoriented right now?
  • The atmosphere took an awkward turn. Han Muzi memorized the measurements, kept the measuring tape, and then took a step back. She started jotting down the measurements on her notebook so that she wouldn’t forget them.
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