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Chapter 1380 Close Proximity

  • Listening to his mother’s tirade, Xiao Su’s expression twisted in disbelief. However, he was not given the chance to speak as Liang Yahe continued to scold him. When she was done with her lecture, she still gave him no chance to speak. Instead, she ended it with a threat. “You better treat her well in the future; do you understand? You should cook sometimes too. With the way you are, do you even deserve a girlfriend as beautiful as she is?”
  • He said nothing in response. Wait. How am I unworthy? “Mom, you can’t say that.”
  • “Why can’t I say that? If you are worthy, then why have you been single all this while? Can’t you put in a little effort? You’ve even made your family worry about you. Now that you’ve gotten yourself a girlfriend, cherish her well. Otherwise, I’ll look for a hundred blind date candidates for you.”
  • A hundred. Pursing his lips, he no longer wanted to continue the conversation. Perhaps, there were all the more reasons to continue with the cooperation between him and Jiang Xiaobai now.
  • “Let’s go. Remember to help her fill her plate while we are having lunch later. Be gentler toward her; do you understand?” Afterward, she finally let him out of the room. At the same time, Jiang Xiaobai finished serving the dishes. Thus, everybody washed their hands and served the rice.
  • Xiao Su exchanged a glance with Jiang Xiaobai. Then, he randomly picked a seat at the table. At that moment, Liang Yahe kicked him hard in the shins. It hurt so much that he frowned from the pain and glanced at his mother. She then forced a smile at him. “Go on; sit next to Bai. I’m going to sit here with your Dad.”
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