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Chapter 1042 It’s a Shame You Didn’t Meet My Condition

  • Mr. Lin had already set up the kitchen for her, and all the ingredients were already there. However, he would not help her prepare the ingredients as she would need to cook the dishes herself.
  • “I don’t want to make things difficult for Ms. Zhou either. It’ll be asking for too much to ask you to prepare everything by yourself. You can simply choose to make a couple of dishes that you’re good at. I’ll leave the kitchen for you. We’ll be waiting outside.”
  • “Okay.”
  • Later, Mr. Lin entertained the agent and Luo Huimei with tea outside. He had very good tea-brewing skills, but it was a shame there was no one there who would appreciate it. The agent was not a refined person. His pose was awkward when he was serving the tea, though he was good at currying favor with people. After a sip, the agent immediately praised, “It’s good tea.”
  • Mr. Lin only smiled without saying anything.
  • Meanwhile, Luo Huimei was only thinking of her daughter and did not feel like drinking the tea. She heard what the agent had said earlier and thought that Mr. Lin was a passionate person. It would be understandable if he did not allow the store to be renovated. The rent was so expensive as the store was the only memory he had left of his late wife. However, after the assigned task, Luo Huimei felt that he was making life difficult for them. Her daughter, Yan, had never met his late wife before, nor did she hear of her before the agent mentioned it today. Yet, she was asked to recreate the dishes so that they tasted exactly like his wife’s cooking. It was mission impossible.
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