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Chapter 542 You Have Finally Appeared

  • It was crowded in the front hall, but it was a whole different world back in the dressing room. A world that only consisted of two of them. With the melodious music playing in the background, it seemed that their hearts were connected.
  • Dancing was such a mysterious thing. It could bring two strangers closer and make people who were already close even more intimate.
  • It was just like this moment, where Han Muzi had almost forgotten all the miserable experiences in her past. She had forgotten that she was a woman who had had two failed marriages, that she was already the mother of a child, or the nightmares she used to have when she was at her lowest moments in life.
  • The song had finished playing. Ye Moxuan inched toward her until her back was against the dressing table. Then, he leaned forward to her slightly and raised her chin to kiss her.
  • Han Muzi avoided his kiss indifferently and pushed him. She coldly said, "The dance is over. You can go back now."
  • Ye Moxuan, who was completely defenseless when he was emotional, was pushed aside in surprise. He turned to look incredulously at the apathetic woman. Just one second ago, her eyes were full of tenderness while she danced with him, but in the next second, she pushed him away mercilessly. What is this?
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