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Chapter 899 Lockpicking

  • George pursed his lips and moved away, looking worried. "Don't call the police." If he were to call the police, he would have done it when he first came. He was still being slightly selfish in this matter. If they involved the police, it would be very probable that… life would be over for Duanmu Xue. Based on how influential the Duanmu family was, as soon as the police were involved, things would get complicated and subsequently exaggerated. After all, this was no simple matter, as it involved the Yuchi family and the Duanmu family.
  • He did not understand how he could still be selfish about this. This is my last time doing this, George told himself. After this, he would completely get rid of all his desires and interests.
  • "Why shouldn’t we call the police?" Rory looked confused. "Otherwise, how are we supposed to get in?"
  • George responded, "Move aside. Let me take care of this."
  • "No can do." Rory was oblivious to where he was coming from, so she shook her head. "You buy my meals and I've nothing to give in return. If you don't want me to call the police… can you let me open the door for you?"
  • George looked confused. Rory put her phone away and then opened her handbag. She took out a fine steel wire from a little container and walked toward the door to begin picking the lock.
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