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Chapter 290 This Is Unfair

  • In the dark, the atmosphere between them was sweet. Initially, Shen Qi wanted to ask him if he was going to tell her what was going on with him and Han Xueyou, but after being distracted by him, she had forgotten about it and squabbled with him for a while. Ye Moxuan touched the back of her head and said, "Well, pregnant women should rest early. We will chat later."
  • Shen Qi also felt a little tired, so she closed her eyes groggily as she replied, “Alright.”
  • After a while, one of them started breathing evenly in the dark, and the other person followed suit as well.
  • The next day, when Ye Moxuan went to the company again, Shen Qi woke up in bed alone.
  • She should have been used to this.
  • But when she saw the empty bed, she was still a little disappointed.
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