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Chapter 1394 I Won’t Forget It All!

  • Just when Xiao Su was about to get up, Jiang Xiaobai snorted and kicked the blanket away. Because of this, her skirt rode up her knees even more. Xiao Su gave it a quick glance and looked away, telling himself that he should leave. But he thought he should turn around and close the curtains in the hotel room for her first. Since it was still daytime, while the curtains were opened, the room was brightly lit. After closing the curtains, the room became pitch black. This should be okay, Xiao Su thought.
  • Then, he came around to cover her with the blanket in the dark, thinking that this time around, he would leave her alone no matter what happened. Since she would stay in the room, there was nowhere else for her to go. After all, he was also feeling tipsy and needed some rest.
  • Right after he covered her with the blanket and was getting ready to leave, a pair of gentle hands grabbed Xiao Su by one of his arms. In the dark, he seemingly saw Xiaobai turn around to hug him by his arm. She softly commented as she looked at him with her beautiful and dazzling eyes in the dark, "Don't go."
  • Xiao Su held his breath and asked in a hoarse voice, "What’s the matter?" This must be one of her drunken antics.
  • Hearing his unfriendly tone, she gave him a pitiful look. "It's too dark, and I'm scared to be by myself."
  • Xiao Su could not help but twitch his lips. When you carried me home from the bar last time, I don’t think I heard you say that you were scared. However, if it was not for her courage that time, perhaps the two would not have been acquainted the way they were now. At this point, Xiao Su asked, "Would you like me to turn the lights on for you?"
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