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Chapter 1357 Bad Parenting

  • The woman’s sharp voice was piercing. Although Yan was listening to music, she could still hear her taunts clearly. Yan’s expression grew grim. Who knew I would be this unfortunate to bump into people like these on the train? But she could not be bothered to argue. She closed her eyes and leaned back, turning up the volume to pretend like she did not hear anything. It will be fine once I get off the train.
  • As it was late in the night, she eventually fell asleep despite not feeling sleepy earlier. Moreover, because it was a night train, the atmosphere had also quietened down for the most part. Being in that environment helped Yan fall asleep. She closed her eyes to get some rest.
  • Tugging at her coat tightly, she continued to sleep. But not long after, the child next to her started to make a fuss about wanting her earphones again. Someone nearby became annoyed and said to the woman, “Can you control your child? People are sleeping now. Can he stop being so noisy?”
  • Without any hesitation, the woman rebuked, “Do you want to handle him? What can I do if he’s being disobedient? If you find this noisy, then you should have just bought this whole train to yourself.”
  • That person only commented because the child was being unreasonably noisy, but he did not expect to get scolded instead. In the end, he could only stay quiet miserably.
  • On the other hand, the woman must have had pent up frustration because that short rebuke was not enough for her and she continued, “Some people here just don’t know their place. They still expect so much when they only bought an economy-class ticket. Do you think you’re the king to have so many requests? What do you have to say when you couldn’t even buy a premium-seat ticket? Look at you now. You’re too scared to even say anything.”
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