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Chapter 766 It’s Just a Woman, Right?

  • F*ck! George cursed in his heart. Is Yuchi Shen human? No, can he even be human?
  • Despite how much he said, Yuchi Shen’s face didn’t give away any unnecessary expressions. In front of him, George was like a transparent man, unable to make him react.
  • George couldn’t stand it any longer. He might not have known Yuchi Shen for a long time, but they were kindred spirits. During the short time that they had known each other, Yuchi Shen always had a cold expression; his facial expression remained the same no matter who he met. He treated women even more coldly—like an indifferent cold-blooded beast.
  • Be that as it may… the past two days were different.
  • George saw Yuchi Shen pin a woman against the wall in a kabe-don. Moreover, this was the same woman George had previously met in the elevator. At the time, George said he wanted to deliver the keys in person, but Yuchi Shen didn’t agree to it and took the keys back himself instead. George felt that something was off at the time, but he didn’t expect the two of them to progress so quickly.
  • Looking down at the sofa he was sitting on, he suddenly had an idea. He smiled wickedly and asked lecherously, “By the way, have you done it with her?”
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