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Chapter 422 I Want to See You Now

  • “It’s not convenient for me.” Ye Moxuan rejected her straight away. “I want to meet you now.”
  • Han Muzi’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that, and her temples started throbbing painfully.
  • “Give me your location. I will pick you up in person.
  • “Mr. Ye.”
  • “It’s not difficult to find out your current location,” commented Ye Moxuan with a chuckle. “However, are you sure you want me to do that?”
  • Han Muzi inhaled deeply before flashing a faint smile. “Please send me the address. I will take a cab there right now.” With that, she hung up on his call straight away. Ye Moxuan, that scoundrel! Han Muzi gritted her teeth in anger. He is doing this on purpose!
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