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Chapter 696 Finding an Easier Target

  • Since he had already placed the phone with the order page in front of her, Han Muzi decided not to put it off anymore. She took the phone over and had a look at it. Initially, she did not feel that hungry, but as she was going through the menu, she realized there were many things that she wanted to eat.
  • Han Muzi picked a number of them. After putting the order in, she realized she might have ordered a little too much, so she embarrassingly returned the phone to Ye Moxuan. "That's all."
  • Since he was still holding her, the whole time the phone was in her hands, Ye Moxuan was watching her. When she returned the phone to him, he couldn't help but chuckle. "Just these few? Will that be enough?"
  • Han Muzi was immediately agitated. She responded, "Do you think I am a pig? We already have more than enough."
  • Ye Moxuan lowered his head and smiled. His lean fingers swiped across the phone screen and added a few more. After that, he placed the order for delivery.
  • After they had done that, Han Muzi continued to stay in Ye Moxuan's arms. "Are you done with your meeting?"
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