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Chapter 97 Did He Find Out About It?

  • Shen Qi was lost for words and thought she was suffering from auditory hallucinations.
  • Why would Ye Moxuan come up with such a demand? With her phone in his hand, he asked Shen Qi to give him a kiss and would give back her phone in return.
  • Was he really capable of doing such a childish act?
  • Ye Moxuan saw that she stood there without any reaction. Her face looked obtuse and lost, as though she was questioning herself if she heard it correctly. When he came round from it and realized what he had said, his ears turned red. Then he coughed and said, “You…”
  • But the next moment, the tranced Shen Qi suddenly came closer to him. Her face, which was bare of make-up, was magnified right in front of Ye Moxuan.
  • A soft sensation landed on Ye Moxuan’s lips, which caused his pupils to shrink.
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