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Chapter 1319 I Was Pregnant

  • At the hospital, Yan was waiting at the entrance when Han Muzi arrived. Han Muzi was not alone; Ye Moxuan was following behind her with Little Sprout in his arms.
  • Seeing this, Yan winced and pulled Han Muzi aside. “I really want to give Little Sprout a hug but I don’t think she should be coming along. It’s full of germs in the hospital. She is healthy now. I don’t think she should come.”
  • Han Muzi gave a thought to what Yan said and agreed with her. Turning to face Ye Moxuan, she said, “You go back to the car with Little Sprout first.”
  • Ye Moxuan was perplexed.
  • “What? Do you want to bring your daughter into the hospital?”
  • He replied matter-of-factly, “The chauffeur can look after her for a while.”
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