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Chapter 212 Staying by Him in Silence

  • Han Xueyou raised her voice, and it attracted the attention of other customers in the café. Shen Qi panicked when she realized that, and she stood up hastily to walk toward Han Xueyou and cover her mouth. “That’s enough. Stop talking.”
  • “Why are you stopping me from speaking?” Han Xueyou gripped Shen Qi’s hand tightly and sobbed. “You don’t have the courage to face reality, but I am different from you; I am an outsider, and I know what kind of person is suited for you. Besides, I am able to accurately judge who is treating you well!”
  • “Enough. I don’t want to hear it.” Shen Qi pushed her hand away. “If you insist on talking about it, feel free to stay alone here.”
  • With that, Shen Qi picked her bag up and left hurriedly.
  • Han Xueyou was stunned as she stared at Shen Qi’s back for several seconds before she snapped back to her senses. She then wiped the tears away from her cheeks and went after Shen Qi in a hurry. “Qi, don’t be angry. Can you please listen to me?”
  • Shen Qi ignored Han Xueyou while focusing on marching forward. There are so many people there, and if I allow Han Xueyou to continue with her nonsense, I’m afraid that someone we know might get wind of this. By then… nothing would help nor clarify the situation.
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