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Chapter 1029 I'm Not That Kind of Person

  • Mr. Zhou felt like it was a dream the moment he was hugged by Yan as it had been years since his daughter last hugged him. Ever since she grew up, she felt that there should be a proper separation between males and females, so they grew apart. Even though Mr. Zhou loved his daughter, he could no longer coddle and pamper her every day now that she was an adult.
  • Coupled with the fact that the two had had a big fight, they had not seen each other for so many years. Mr. Zhou always reckoned that Yan was reluctant to see him, and as much as he missed his daughter, he was not able to lay aside his ego to ask her to come home, since he was the one who wanted to sever their ties. If he were to ask her to come home, would that not be like slapping himself in the face? Mr. Zhou cared about his image, but Yan cared about her image even more.
  • After the silent treatment the two had been giving each other all these years, right now, Yan was the one jumping on him to hug him. Furthermore, her warm tears even dripped on his face.
  • "Is that really you?" Mr. Zhou gently put out his hand to try to touch Yan's hands while she was in tears.
  • All of sudden, she seemed to have remembered something, so she quickly retreated. "Look at how excited I got and immediately forgot that you're still injured. Dad, did I hurt you? Are you feeling unwell? Would you like some water? Or, should I get you the doctor?"
  • Yan asked many questions and had also answered them herself, leaving no opportunity for Mr. Zhou to respond. Once she finished, she quickly ran out of the ward.
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