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Chapter 1392 Did You Hear Me?

  • "Xiao Su's girlfriend looks gorgeous. How old is she? What did she study in school? What does she do for work? What do her parents do?"
  • The small crowd of people began to probe into Jiang Xiaobai's life. When a group of relatives got together, it was inevitable for the nosy ones among them to get their hands on every piece of information possible. They were mostly harmless; they were just bored and ran out of things to say so they decided to ask questions—just like what they were doing to Jiang Xiaobai now. Besides, the questions were not malicious as they would do the same to whoever Xiao Su's girlfriend was. Therefore, these questions did not upset Jiang Xiaobai, who was getting ready to answer each of them.
  • Before she could do that, Xiao Su, who had been remaining silent, inquired, "What time does the wedding start? Do we go in now?"
  • "It’s almost starting; maybe twenty more minutes. You guys came right on time. Perhaps you'd like to have some wine first."
  • Wine? A smile flashed across Jiang Xiaobai’s face when she heard this, as she reckoned it was a good idea to have some wine at this point.
  • Very quickly, the topic was changed. Seeing the nonchalant look on her son's face, Liang Yahe realized that these people had asked too many questions and made it embarrassing for Jiang Xiaobai to talk to them so much about herself. At this moment, Liang Yahe quickly smoothed things over. "That's right. We shouldn't be standing here anymore and be in the way of people trying to go in. We should all head inside now."
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