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Chapter 1318 Jealousy Makes One Crazy

  • “Something else? What is it?”
  • The others did not immediately grasp the meaning behind those words.
  • “Sex, of course! I’ve heard that some women are skillful in that area in their attempts to seduce men, don’t you know? They might not be extraordinarily beautiful or they do have any particular special capabilities, but because of their skills in bed, they drive these men crazy.”
  • Upon hearing those comments, Xu Yanwan wanted to refute those allegations without a second thought. Her impression of Han Qing was totally different. He was never a shallow person who would fall head over heels in love with a woman from just her physical appearance, what more to be crazy about sex. Now, Xu Yanwan was even more baffled how Yan had attracted Han Qing.
  • “Oh my goodness, it all makes sense now. There are many in this office who have a crush on President Han. They either admire him secretly or at most just to create encounters with him and bump into him. But no one has ever tried using this dirty trick before. If it’s true that that woman had used this dirty trick to seduce our President Han, then perhaps…”
  • At that instant, the girls started to feel indignant as they fixed their gaze upon Xu Yanwan.
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