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Chapter 1325 Afraid That She Will Be at a Disadvantage

  • Seeing her being so quiet, Jiang Wenwen knew that she wouldn't be able to press on, but she did not want to give up either. With that, she could only change her method of asking questions.
  • "Oh right, what course did you take the last time? Why did you choose to work for our company?"
  • Now that Jiang Wenwen brought up the past, Xu Yanwan kept her guards up again.
  • Perhaps because of the many hardships she had experienced, she grew more vigilant and cautious around other people.
  • Xu Yanwan thought to herself that she wouldn't trust anyone again except for Han Qing.
  • "My family business couldn't thrive, and we had some financial problems. So, I have started working instead."
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