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Chapter 1115 Conquer His Heart

  • Later on, Yan wasn’t even sure how she left the Han Group building or how she had returned home. However, when she arrived home and finally sat down, she still felt as if nothing that happened today was real. Maybe this is all happening in my dream. Otherwise, why would Han Qing ask me if I like the gift in such a gentle tone? He sounded like a boyfriend pampering a girlfriend in a loving tone. In fact, he sounded extremely loving. How useless am I? My determination crumbled when I heard that. I couldn’t even answer him, so I turned around to flee. By the time I ran out of the Han Group building, I realized that I still had my arms wrapped around the box.
  • She was extremely excited and opened the box carefully, noticing that it was a pure white dress designed in a style similar to that of a wedding gown. She took the dress and ran into her room before checking her reflection with the dress in front of the mirror and just couldn’t stop admiring how beautiful the dress was.
  • Yan had been in the fashion design industry with Han Muzi for a very long time, hence, she knew most of the famous designers. She recognized the dress immediately as one from a famous designer from W Country. The designer’s work favored women designs and he had a prominent personal style as well. He never catered to the mass market—in fact, he has mentioned before that he only designed clothes for young girls. He did not have a fetish nor was he malicious toward women from other age groups.
  • On the contrary, it was because his fiancée passed away at 18 years old due to cancer. That beautiful young woman fought cancer for three years, but she passed away in the end. She wore the dress designed by the designer when she passed on and he thought that it was the end of his world at that time. He was sure that he would never design another dress.
  • However, his beautiful fiancée had told him, “My darling, your designs are the best in the world. I don’t have any regret passing away while wearing the best designer’s dress. You shouldn’t abandon your career for me because you are a designer with a soul. That is why you should never give up in the future.” Later, the designer explained that his fiancée loved his work. They were, in fact, betrothed to each other from a very young age, as they were best friends since childhood.
  • Rumors had it that his original plan was to have his fiancée wear a wedding gown that was personally designed by him once she became a legal adult. After that, he’d marry her at her most beautiful age. The designer always ended up in tears at the mention of his late fiancée. He claimed that his fiancée was a beautiful and kind woman. She clearly suffered from cancer, but she always lived her life with a smile. She knew that the designer loved designing, so she insisted that he never give up—even when she was on the brink of death. The designer felt as though he had wronged his fiancée, but he did not want to disappoint her.
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