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Chapter 1258 What an Ostentatious Reason

  • “Yeah, what’s so nice about becoming a nun? Although there are many displeasures and disputes in the real world, there is an abundance of beauty as well. Plus… all you are lacking in your life is just a man. If you can find yourself a man, you have nothing more to worry about.”
  • “Easier said than done.” Jiang Xiaobai rolled her eyes helplessly. “You really do think good men just fall from trees, don’t you? I bet you also think that all women are like the leading ladies in novels that are just waiting for the one to appear before their very eyes?”
  • Fang Tangtang grabbed her by the shoulder and while eating, said in a motherly manner, “Think about it; you are also the leading lady in your own world, aren’t you? On top of that, there will naturally be a person that’s destined for you. He could just be late, but he will never not arrive. I think you shouldn’t be so against matchmaking. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet the one you really love through your matchmaking sessions.”
  • Jiang Xiaobai chuckled. “You make it sound so perfect. Since when were you on the same side as my mom? You know I don’t like matchmaking, but you keep pushing me to go.”
  • “It’s fine if you don’t want to be match-made, just do what we did before then.”
  • What we did before? Take Xiao Su to meet my mother? Jiang Xiaobai shook her head. She definitely didn’t want to do that again.
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