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Chapter 805 I Keep My Promises

  • “How noisy,” Ye Moxuan retorted. He turned around expressionlessly and reached up his hand to touch his ear. Once George—the busybody—left, the house became much more peaceful and serene.
  • Han Muzi was still cooking in the kitchen. He walked to the kitchen entrance, and let his gaze fall on her. The lights in the kitchen were a warm yellow. She was wearing her light-colored apron and her long hair was tied gently behind her head; the lights seemed to cover her in a soft glow. Watching her like this, he suddenly felt a strong feeling that a couple should be living together like this.
  • He had not known her for a long time—it hadn’t even been half a month yet—and he had no real understanding of the woman in front of him, yet his body seemed to act beyond his control. He wanted to stay close to her. Why do I feel this way? Why?!
  • As he was seriously pondering this question, she seemed to have an intuitive feeling and glanced at him. “Why are you standing there?” she asked him peculiarly. “Are you going to help again?”
  • Her eyes and her expression might not have been obvious, but he could tell that she was suspicious of him. His thin lips twitched slightly; a strong feeling of helplessness rose from the bottom of his heart. He never thought the day he was powerless to be in front of a woman, moreover, he didn’t even seem to have any words to refute her.
  • “Forget it; why don’t you wait in the living room? I’ll be done in a flash,” she said as she turned around to continue cooking.
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