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Chapter 1415 She Has Good Acting Skills

  • To be honest, Yan did not dislike Xu Yanwan. However, she could not make herself to like Xu Yanwan too. This was not only due to Xu Yanwan’s desire for her beloved man, but also due to Xu Yanwan’s previous doublespeak, which she only understood the real meaning after getting to know her identity. Yan indeed believed her at that time.
  • Nevertheless, since Xu Yanwan had been keeping a low profile and did not bring her any harm these days, Yan didn’t find her to be particularly displeasing, for she had always been a person who drew a clear demarcation between what to hate or love. Hence, Yan still replied to Xu Yanwan’s text message after thinking about it for a while. ‘Is there anything?’
  • As Xu Yanwan thought that she would never get a reply, Yan’s message gave her mixed feelings. ‘I’m looking for a chance to meet and talk with you. Are you free lately?’
  • She wants to meet me? Upon reading this text message, Yan could not help but narrow her eyes. Why does she suddenly want to meet me?
  • ‘What do you want to do?’
  • ‘What can I still do when both of you are getting married soon? I only want to tell you something that I’ve been keeping on my mind. It depends on you whether you want to hear it or not.’
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