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Chapter 1186 Delivery (2)

  • At this moment, Han Muzi wanted to tell Ye Moxuan that since he looked more in pain than she was, his presence gave her more pressure than she already had. She began to sweat a little more as she thought about this. It felt like it was Ye Moxuan who was giving birth instead of her.
  • When the doctor came over, he looked over to Ye Moxuan and charged, "If you'd like to stay with the mother until she delivers, you should at least show her some support and encouragement."
  • Ye Moxuan nodded in agreement.
  • From now on, Han Muzi had to do whatever the doctor instructed her. Finally, it reached a point where the pain was so excruciating that her face began turning pale. When Ye Moxuan saw this, he immediately put his hand in front of her. "If you can't take it anymore, bite my hand. Don't try to hold it in."
  • At this moment, the lips on Han Muzi's pale face appeared to be slightly bloody; she was biting it so hard that it bled. As much as she was surprised to see Ye Moxuan's hand being right next to her, she did not proceed to bite it. Ye Moxuan worried and directly inserted his fist into her mouth.
  • Han Muzi was shocked when he did that.
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