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Chapter 1089 I Didn’t Mean to Eavesdrop

  • That person had an imposing stature like a firm tree in the wind. It was Han Qing.
  • Yan recognized him at first sight and her feet subconsciously took a few steps away until she reached a corner. When she leaned closely against the wall, her heart started to race before she scorned at herself inside her heart, Useless.
  • Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice of a girl.
  • “Hello… I’m sorry, President Han. I do not mean to disturb you, but I took the chance today to meet you here. Actually, I have admired you for a long time now and I know that you are always single. Before this, I did not dare to speak about it rashly, so I am taking the chance today to tell you this. I hope that you can give me a shot.”
  • Yan widened her eyes in disbelief. If I’m not mistaken, this voice… is obviously the voice of Lin Xinghuo, who was talking to me just now. She is the famous Lin Xinghuo in the entertainment industry and she actually… admires Han Qing?
  • Yan froze as she felt shock at what she had heard. How did this happen? However, it’s normal for an outstanding person like Han Qing to have lots of girls chasing after him. Even if the girl is a huge star, she is still an ordinary person, so it makes sense for her to have emotions—never mind liking someone outstanding. Then, what about Han Qing? Lin Xinghuo is such a talented beautiful girl with an exquisite face and body. She is much better than him as the difference between the two of them are miles apart. Will he be touched after being confessed to by such a beautiful lady?
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