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Chapter 430 Leave With Little Bean First

  • His fierce and gloomy stare scared everyone. They didn’t know what happened and didn’t know how to react for a moment. They just stared at Ye Moxuan awkwardly.
  • Xiao Su felt strange as well and followed their gaze. He then saw Han Muzi who was sitting downstairs. She had one arm on the table and was talking to the people opposite her. Her pink lips were shining under the light and her clear eyes were seductive.
  • Xiao Su then took a look at Young Master Ye. It’s her again. No wonder Young Master Ye would be distracted and make everyone laugh at him.
  • “Young Master Ye… If you are interested in this woman, why don’t we invite her up?” As Ye Moxuan remained silent, they couldn’t decide on what to do, so one of them picked up the courage to ask him that. Realizing that Ye Moxuan didn’t show any response, he got up and walked down.
  • After they left, Ye Moxuan raised the glass in his hand and took a sip. He curved his thin lips. He wanted to see her reaction.
  • “Young Master Ye!” Xiao Su, who was standing behind Ye Moxuan, was worried. “If they go down, won’t they disturb Miss Shelly?”
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