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Chapter 659 Are Kids Nowadays All So Good Looking?

  • Ye Linhan grabbed her hand. He appeared weak and frail, but he was adamant when he said, “No, I’m not going to the hospital.”
  • “Why wouldn’t you go to the hospital when you’re in such bad shape?” Han Muzi had no idea what was wrong with him, but she could clearly tell that he was in excruciating pain just from the cold sweat beaded across his forehead and his pale face.
  • However, Ye Linhan stared at her unwaveringly while smiling weakly.
  • “You will not be worried about me just like how you are right now once I get into the ambulance. That is why… I’d rather die of pain right here than to go to the hospital.”
  • Han Muzi exclaimed in exasperation, “Are you insane? You are already in so much pain!”
  • “I’m not insane.” Ye Linhan held onto her hands tightly. His eyes reflected even more suffering than that on his face. “I just want a chance for myself. Why… Why can’t you just spare me a look? If you say I am insane, so be it.”
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