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Chapter 877 Muzi Is Shy

  • Han Muzi didn’t oppose him.
  • She felt that she was unable to work in her current state. After all, the doctor already advised her to stay in bed and rest. If it was just an ordinary fatigue, she wouldn’t take it seriously, but now that she had signs of miscarriage, she obviously needed to look after herself.
  • Thinking about it, Han Muzi went with the flow. “Then… I would like to rest for a few days. Is that alright?”
  • Listening to her, Ye Moxuan could not help but raise his eyebrows. “Are you really that tired?” Han Muzi felt distressed about it, but before she could talk, he said to her, “Looks like we can’t do it like that the next time.”
  • Just when Han Muzi wanted to say something after being enraged by him, the noodles had already boiled. It startled her so much that she turned away to turn off the fire without thinking of anything else. Then, she started to drive him out. “You can get out now. I’ll take care of this.”
  • After the two of them filled their stomach with a bit of noodles, Ye Moxuan put down the bowl and announced, “This evening, I will ask Aunty to come over here.”
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