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Chapter 850 We Meet Again

  • Even though the implicit meaning was like that, Miss Lin wasn’t rude with her statement.
  • She merely gave a slight smile. “We just don’t want you to face any troubles, Miss Xue. We’re not forbidding you to enter the company.”
  • Duanmu Xue shook her hand, and all her gentle and obsequious expression from earlier disappeared without a trace. “I’m not afraid of any troubles! Why don’t you just simply give me a post? Didn’t Grandfather Yuchi already tell you what to do? Why are you still acting this way? Is it so difficult to give me a position here?”
  • Her words weren’t very favorable to the ears. Miss Lin frowned and replied in a displeased manner, “If you think that it’s so easy to give you a post here, please go back to your Duanmu Group and find a post there. Forget an ordinary post; you can even take up an executive-level post up to your liking. After all, it’s your own company. I guess no one would have any objections.”
  • There was a slight pause before Duanmu Xue growled, “Is this how you talk to me?” She then widened her eyes and looked at Miss Lin indignantly. “Do you think that just because you are more experienced, you can order me? I’m the Young Lady of the Duanmu family, and I’ve been personally appointed by Grandfather Yuchi to join this company! How dare you speak to me in this way!”
  • Miss Lin, who was not someone who would back down easily, raised her head and replied coldly, “You are right. Though you are the Young Lady from the Duanmu family, I’m not working for Duanmu Group; I’m the secretary of the President here, so I will only take orders from him. If you have the capabilities to do so, you can ask Old Master Yuchi to find someone with a higher position to order me.”
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