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Chapter 1100 I Don’t Need Your Charity

  • This was the first time that Yan snapped at Han Qing and it was spoken in harsh words. It wasn’t unintentional as she said it on purpose because she suddenly felt that Han Qing patronized her and treated her like charity after learning about the relationship between him and Lin Xuzheng. It angered her and made her feel ashamed of herself! She was furious to the point where she bit her lower lip as sparks flew out of her burning eyes.
  • Han Qing suddenly glanced at her face in that moment while handing her a piece of paper that he wrote on. Yan was rendered speechless when she stared at that piece of paper. Then, she slowly turned her eyes toward him as if she asked what he meant.
  • “This is my company’s address. If you really need to deliver food to someone, you can send it to the company. I will pay for it, regardless of the price.”
  • Yan still remained silent. She finally understood what he meant at this point. Meanwhile, Lin Xuzheng watched everything from the sidelines and he couldn’t help but sigh at his good friend afterward. Maybe... I shouldn’t have asked him to come over. Or maybe I should have just left immediately after he came, so she wouldn’t relate me with him.
  • As Yan already had a meltdown earlier, her anger still hadn’t faded, but Han Qing’s response only infuriated her more. Now, she felt that the shop was handed to her out of sympathy and he even intended to take care of her deliveries. Does he really pity me because I delivered some takeouts today? After all, food delivery isn’t a professional career to many people. Even when I delivered the food to him, the receptionist gave me a look of contempt.
  • The more she thought of it, the more her rage burned inside her. She glanced at the piece of paper in front of her, as though it caught fire. She slowly reached out to receive the paper. Han Qing pressed his thin lips as he watched her movement, but something about it felt wrong to him.
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