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Chapter 1243 You’re So Thin-Skinned

  • Unexpectedly, time really flies. Before I’d embarked on this trip, I was extremely apprehensive, but now, half the time has passed. Yan merely replied with a ‘yes’. After that, she lifted her head to gaze at the sea. The sea at night was incredibly beautiful, and because they’d been here all along, they had the chance to watch the moon rise from the surface of the ocean. A fair distance away, she could see the relatively big moon having risen partly, half of it seemingly hidden in the water, but the half that had risen was reflected in the water, so it formed a rounded moon that looked particularly lovely.
  • She couldn’t resist snapping this picture and sending it to Han Muzi, only to discover that she hadn’t replied to her message, while her status indicated that she was still typing. Hmm? Yan propped a hand under her chin in bafflement and sent the picture of the moon. However, there was no response at all after Han Muzi’s status had indicated several times that she was typing, causing Yan’s bewilderment to grow. What’s wrong? In the past, when Han Muzi messaged her, she’d never seemed to have acted in such a manner as she was now. ‘What’s wrong with you?’
  • Han Muzi answered with another series of ellipsis, and a second later, sent her a cute emoji. ‘I’m fine. I just suddenly recalled something I want to tell you, but after contemplating it earlier, I think I’ll wait until you come back to tell you. For now, enjoy your trip first.’
  • ‘Huh? What is it that you’ve got to wait until I’m back before telling me? Just tell me now.’ If Han Muzi hadn’t mentioned anything, it would’ve been fine, but once she’d said that, Yan’s curiosity was piqued, and she just had to push Han Muzi to tell her right now.
  • Upon seeing that she was persistently asking about it, Han Muzi couldn’t help furrowing her brows. Biting her lower lip, she recalled the incident on this day. Since Ye Moxuan had Little Sprout with him, and Han Qing was away from the office, she decided to bring Little Bean to his company for a tour. Unexpectedly, this tour brought about a fiasco.
  • There was a woman who lingered at the company entrance, demanding to see Han Qing and claiming to be his childhood friend. However, she was dressed very shabbily, so much so that if it weren’t peaceful times now, Han Muzi would’ve really thought that she’d escaped from the chaos of war. Naturally, Han Group’s receptionist and security personnel wouldn’t allow the woman entry. After all, she was filthy and hadn’t made an appointment, so they couldn’t possibly just allow her to see him. Nonetheless, she refused to leave and waited at the entrance, rushing up to plead with the receptionist and security personnel as soon they came to work. Coincidentally, when Han Muzi brought Little Bean over there, this was exactly the scene that greeted her.
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