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Chapter 38 Pretending to Care?

  • The maid was stunned.
  • “Young Master Moxuan, I’m telling the truth! The Second Young Lady really seduced Young Master Linhan. Don’t you believe me?”
  • Ye Moxuan stared at her with his pitch-black eyes. “Did anyone else see that besides you?”
  • The maid thought that Ye Moxuan was convinced, so she shook her head. “I was the only one there just now. But I swear I saw it, Young Master Moxuan!”
  • Upon hearing that, Ye Moxuan gave her a taunting smile. “Which means that you’re the only witness so no one can testify to your words.”
  • Only then did the maid understand what Ye Moxuan meant. “Young Master Moxuan, I—”
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