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Chapter 1402 Let’s Try Dating First

  • “Hah! How ridiculous! I’ve only known you for such a short time, yet you already know what kind of person I am? Do you even know what I like to eat or drink, or what my horoscope is, or when my birthday is? You don’t know any of that! So, how can you tell what kind of person I am? What are you basing your opinions on? I have the final say on what kind of person I am.”
  • Xiao Su drove quietly without interrupting her. On the other hand, Jiang Xiaobai was on an unstoppable rant. “Are you listening to me? Is your mother putting pressure on you? You had nothing to say this afternoon, so why are you looking for me tonight? Let me tell you; I don’t need you to take responsibility! Do you understand? Are you listening to me?! Xiao Su! You b*stard! I don’t want to go back! That’s your house; not mine! Stop the car!”
  • No matter how she screamed along the way, he acted as if he heard nothing. It continued until the car stopped below his house. Then, she angrily undid the seatbelt, opened the door, and left. However, she had taken no more than a few steps before Xiao Su caught up to her. He stopped her and said with a calm expression, “Let’s go up—unless you want to be surrounded by onlookers.”
  • Crossing her arms before her, she sneered, “Are you threatening me? Do you think I, Jiang Xiaobai, am afraid of onlookers? Let me tell you; I’m not scared of them! Do you want to bring out a loudspeaker? It doesn’t change anything; I can still make it clear to you right here!”
  • In the face of her current actions, he felt a headache coming on. She is so hard to deal with. Looking at her lips that had been flapping non-stop since getting into the car until now, he didn’t know what spurred him on. Then, he suddenly took several steps forward and closed in on her. She was still talking when she noticed that danger was approaching. Thus, she widened her eyes vigilantly. “W-What are you doing?” She reached her hands up in front of her to block him, but he caught her wrists, leaned over, and tilted his head to kiss her.
  • “Umph.” Jiang Xiaobai was in shock. When their lips touched, she felt a surge of electricity flowing between them, causing her limbs and her brain to go numb. Then, she gradually blanked out. Why did he kiss me suddenly? What does he mean by this? She snapped back to her senses and pushed him away angrily. However, he grabbed her and pulled her into his embrace, pressing her face against his warm chest.
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