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Chapter 880 Explain It Thoroughly

  • The more he thought about it, the more nonsensical it became, so Yuchi Jin simply threw away the idea from his head. “That’s impossible. I watched Xue grow up her whole life. How could she possibly do such a thing? You brat, are you ganging up with George to lie to me so that you wouldn’t be engaged with Xue?”
  • George was rendered speechless at first. “Grandfather Yuchi, how could we possibly gang up to lie to you? With our reputation at stake, how could we possibly speak nonsense if it is not true?”
  • At this moment, Ye Moxuan let out a faint laugh. Although he was laughing, the sound of it was actually chilling and devoid of any warmth. “I’ve guessed it from the start that you won’t believe us, so…” He stopped, then two people quickly came in while detaining a servant.
  • The scene caused George to blink his eyes, as if he couldn’t get any sense of what was happening. When Yuchi Jin saw the detained servant, he immediately recognized her as the one who served tea everyday. Suddenly, he seemed to understand something, but he didn’t expect his grandson to have acted that fast.
  • When the servant saw everyone in the hall after being brought in by two men in black, her face instantly turned pale. “Let me go. Let me go now. I don’t know anything. Let me go…” Without having to say what it was about, her frantic reaction was enough to explain everything.
  • As Old Master Yuchi saw the servant’s mad expression, he suddenly felt that what Ye Moxuan and George said might be true. That little girl, Duanmu Xue, really did a despicable and shameless act. However… if this thing actually spreads out, the reputation of the Duanmu family will most likely be destroyed by Xue. I have such a deep friendship with the Duanmu family, so how could I possibly do nothing and watch while Duanmu Xue and the reputation of the Duanmu family is being destroyed like that? Thinking about it, Yuchi Jin immediately yelled, “What are you here howling for? It’s giving me a headache. Somebody bring her away now!”
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