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Chapter 1084 It’s Snowing

  • When Han Muzi woke up on the second day, she realized that Yan, who had been next to her, gazed outside the window with a perplexed expression. Han Muzi had just woken up, so she was still sleepy. “What is it?” she asked with half-closed eyes as she wanted to sleep for a little longer, even though they were headed back to North City today.
  • Hearing her voice, Yan returned to her senses and pointed outside the window. “Look, it’s snowing.”
  • It’s snowing? Han Muzi felt a thump in her heart and she quickly looked outside the window. The scenery outside the window was coated in white as snow blew all over the place.
  • After just a glance, Han Muzi immediately removed her blanket and sat on the bed. Her movement was so fast that her vision was black when she got up. However, she recovered her vision quickly and she ran over to the front of the window afterward without wearing any shoes. It really is snowing and it’s snowing heavily. The whole world outside the window is now snowy white; even the snow flowing about in the air is as huge as a goose’s feather. This situation…
  • “Muzi, what is it?” Yan also went to the side of the window. She had probably just woken up as her mind was still dizzy and she rubbed her hair. “There’s so much snow. I did not expect such heavy snow suddenly. Ah!” She instantly thought of something, patting her head. “I’m really blurred by my sleep. Will they block all of the roads during such heavy snow? How can we return to North City?”
  • Han Muzi already furrowed her beautiful brows and bit on her lower lip gently while staring at the plain whiteness outside. Before she came here, she had never checked on the weather forecast. This was because the weather lately seemed nice, so she thought that it wouldn’t snow this year. Surprisingly, the snow came with such urgency and without any warning.
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