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Chapter 1190 About Surnames

  • “Han Yaya?” Old Master Yuchi mulled over it for a bit, then nodded in satisfaction. “Let’s go with that then.”
  • “Huh?” Little Bean tilted his head to the side as he watched the three adults discussing the baby’s name; he felt as if something was wrong. In the past, he was named Han Yishu, taking after his mommy’s surname. At that time, his mommy was alone, and his daddy was not in the picture yet, so he inherited the Han surname. However, why did it seem like his great-grandfather, Daddy, and Mommy had tacitly agreed to the Han surname? What’s going on? I wonder if they forgot, or if they had already discussed this before. Should I remind them about it?
  • Little Bean held his chin in his small hands as he considered it deeply. If the baby was given the Han surname, it was to his mommy’s benefit. Seeing as he naturally took his mommy’s side, it was for the best if the baby took on the Han surname.
  • “Little Bean, what do you think of the name for your little sister?” Little Bean was still deep in his thoughts when Old Master Yuchi suddenly shifted his gaze toward him. Old Master Yuchi had gone back to think long and hard about the name. Since Little Bean’s name was Han Yishu, he wanted to name Little Sprout starting with the letter ‘Y’ as well. At first, he thought he might as well name her ‘Han Ya’er’, but felt that the ‘er’ was not necessary, and so, he decided to stick with just Han Ya instead.
  • Little Bean met his great-grandfather’s gaze, then lightly blinked his eyes. “It’s great.” Glancing at Old Master Yuchi, he then glanced over at Ye Moxuan and Han Muzi. “Still, are you really planning on giving my little sister the Han surname?” Forget it; I might as well mention it now. It was better to mention it now than to wait until his great-grandfather noticed it down the road, and accused his mommy of taking advantage of his daddy.
  • In response to Little Bean’s question, Old Master Yuchi froze on the spot for a long while before the realization hit him. “That’s true; why did I forget such an important matter? You and Little Sprout are both Xuan’s children, so you should be taking on the Ye surname instead.” After that, his face flushed beet-red. I can’t believe it; I actually forgot something as important as that. I nearly pushed both my great-grandchildren out of the family lineage.
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