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Chapter 1309 An Unlucky Day

  • “You little rascal. Don’t you know that I’m asking you all these because I’m concerned about you? Look at what you’re saying.”
  • Yan stuck her tongue out while having a look at the flow of customers today. Then, she suggested to her mother, “Today’s business seems normal. Why don’t I head off first?”
  • “Yes, you should head home.”
  • After getting Luo Huimei’s permission, Yan quickly packed up her stuff and went home.
  • At the moment, Lin Xuzheng was sitting on the couch and talking non-stop to Han Qing inside the president’s office of Han Group. However, Lin Xuzheng wasn’t being serious in his words. Han Qing now dealt with his work, but Lin Xuzheng continuously talked and sometimes interrupted the former’s thoughts. After Lin Xuzheng interrupted Han Qing twice, the latter lifted his head and glared at the former with displeasure.
  • Lin Xuzheng smiled immediately. “You don’t need to mind me. You can continue with your work. I’ll talk about my stuff and you can continue with your work.”
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