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Chapter 728 They’ve Found Him

  • The distance between the two of them shortened in that moment. Yan looked at Siu Jiu with hesitation while the latter smiled like an understanding older sister. “If you have any other questions, just ask.”
  • “Miss… Su Jiu.”
  • Yan added a ‘miss’ in front to show her politeness. Su Jiu furrowed her eyebrows in joyfulness. “Yes?”
  • “You have been with Han Qing for so many years as his secretary. Do you know why… Han Qing is always single?” After that, Yan lowered her head out of embarrassment while poking her fingers together.
  • Su Jiu only knew that Yan was confused about something, but she did not expect her to ask such a question. After she was stunned for a while, she noticed that the little girl blushed and it was obvious from Yan’s look that she longed for love. “You… like President Han?”
  • Yan did not expect her to be so direct. She instantly lifted her head and looked at Su Jiu with her blushed face. “Miss Su, I…”
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